About us

The "we": We are a team of football enthusiasts from different areas of international professional football. From the scouts, Chief-Scouts, Analysts, Coach and sports director are all represented. We do provide the so-called. editorial staff but, but expand our team with every single user, who registers on our website.

The project: Our project pursues the goal of “Social Scouting” respectively. “Community Scouting” of football players and other football-specific topics.

Rate players, discuss and change their ratings and values. Discover talent that has not yet been recorded or simply share your football rating with a known player. Worldwide! There are no limits to you! Create your own portfolio or. its own player report database!

The Vision: As the first provider for authors AND user ratings for players, it would of course be our wish, in the future, a kind of “IMDB” of football scouting.

Of course, we therefore also need authors - with us Scouts and Chef-Scouts called. With this status you have the opportunity, create and publish entire scouting reports of a player! These are then shared by the community or. ours “Fans” rated!

who knows, maybe clubs will even look at some point, player, Consultant or the press here and get in touch with you! Nothing is impossible - evaluators / scouts of football manager games have already been integrated into scouting departments! One of them even heads the scouting department of a top European club and supports our project anonymously but actively - naturally within the framework of his busy schedule!

So if you want to become a scout or chief scout, just apply to us.

On our site “Participate” you will find more information!