As Fan:

Everyone is a fan, who registers with us! This role allows you, influence existing reports and other evaluations with your own assessment (per Community Score – the average of all fan opinions given).

As Scout:

The scouts form the basis of the project! Profiles and reports have to be created and evaluated ... let's tackle the project together!

With this status you can create your own reports or. Create ratings. The contributions created will then be reviewed by our team of experts or. checked by a chief scout before publication and finally released.

Of course, a scout should always rate "neutral" and a minimum level of knowledge of his “Scouting sons” (countries, Leagues) have.

To participate as a scout, you must first (to the Fan) register and simply send yourself a short cover letter incl. Profile data (Alter, origin, Specialty etc.) via the contact form with us “apply” – we will contact you immediately! Ideally, you then create your first report together with the expert team or a chief scout. You can use existing reports as a guide. Since no master has yet fallen from the sky, we will (the editorial office) also coach every scout, when it comes to, to write good scouting reports. A basic talent in the evaluation and description of a player or other topics should be recognizable in any case.

As Chief-Scouts:

You become a chief scout through an internal promotion. If you have proven your knowledge with numerous reports and enough “Experience” collected, it's time to take on more responsibility (of course you can also refuse a promotion, if you think, not being up to the role).

As a chief scout, you can publish articles directly and review and approve reports from scouts. You can also moderate comments and look after the community, train and guide.

You can also actively work with us to improve and change reports and much more. take part. Let your creativity run wild.

Important: So that the entire project remains on solid feet in the future, is it recommendable, that you register ours before registering How to read through.

PS: Please understand, that your activity is voluntary or. is exercised voluntarily.